Exercise for Pain Rehabilitation (Elective Module)

21 including + 2 Ethics

A 2 day workshop on applying exercise physiology to common clinical conditions


Participants will explore the interface between exercise physiology and pain mechanisms and how to apply these principles to clinical conditions. Practical exercise tools for assessment and treatment will be demonstrated. How to use exercise to assist with resetting self-regulatory systems, such as the immune system and autonomic nervous system, will be explored. Evidence-based use of exercises specific to common pain conditions such as osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and low back pain will be demonstrated.

By the end of this module participants will:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the physiology of exercise and how it relates to pain mechanisms
  • Demonstrate understanding of the negative impacts of physical inactivity
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the neuroimmune mechanisms in exercise and pain
  • Assess tolerance for physical activity using functional evidence-based techniques
  • Able to develop a collaborative patient-centred treatment plan with physical activity and/or exercise at its centre.
  • Able to prescribe physical activity and exercise as treatment 

Course Presenters

Jacqui Koep

MSc Med

Scott Rickard

MSc Physio