Train Pain is a not-for-profit organisation formed to deliver high quality pain education to health care professionals involved in the management of acute and simple chronic pain in normal clinical settings.

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Tame the Beast - by Lorimer Moseley

Your Anxiety Toolkit - Newsfeed

Your Anxiety Toolkit aims to provide you with helpful tools to manage anxiety, stress and other emotions that get in the way.
  • Ep. 195 Depression as a compulsion (with Shala Nicely)

    This is Your Anxiety Toolkit - Episode 195.

    Welcome to Your Anxiety Toolkit. I’m your host, Kimberley Quinlan. This podcast is fueled by three main goals. The first goal is to provide you with some extra tools to help you manage your anxiety. Second goal, to inspire you. Anxiety doesn’t get to decide how you live your life. And number three, and I leave the best for last, is to provide you with one big, fat virtual hug, because experiencing anxiety ain’t easy. If that sounds good to

  • Ep. 194 Compassionate Permission Slips (With Hayden Dawes)

    This is Your Anxiety Toolkit - Episode 194.

    In today’s episode, I had the most amazing conversation with Hayden Dawes. Now, Hayden Dawes is a therapist, a PhD student. He is what he calls an “aspiring compassion warrior” – we talk about in the interview what that means. Hayden is just doing some really cool work. As I share, and we go into detail in this episode, he’s really brought out some stuff for me as I’ve watched him and learned from him. It’s been incredible to see this


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Principles of Pain (Module 1)

Presented by: Romy Parker & Beverley Bolton  

20 & 21 August 2021

Online via Zoom 

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Train Pain is a non-profit organisation that provides innovative pain education for transforming health practice.


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