Train Pain is a not-for-profit organisation formed to deliver high quality pain education to health care professionals involved in the management of acute and simple chronic pain in normal clinical settings.

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Tame the Beast - by Lorimer Moseley

Your Anxiety Toolkit - Newsfeed

With over a million downloads, Your Anxiety Toolkit Podcast delivers compassionate, science-based tools for anyone with Anxiety, Panic, OCD, and other mental health struggles.
  • Ep. 217 The Benefits of Meditation for Anxiety & OCD


    Today we have Windsor Flynn talking about how she realized the benefits of meditation for anxiety and OCD in her recovery. Winsdor brought her lived experience and training to the conversation and addressed how meditation has helped her in many ways, not just with her OCD and mental health.

    In This Episode:

    The benefits of meditation for general anxiety
    The benefits of meditation for OCD
    The roadblocks to practicing meditation...

  • Ep. 216 5 Things I learned in 2021


    Today, I wanted to dedicate an entire episode to the five things that I learned in 2021. I have found 2021 to be one of the harder years, but probably the most transformational for me, and that is one of the things I’ll talk about here very, very soon.

    The 5 Things I learned this Year:

    • Recovery goes smoother when you slow down and act intentionally
    • Life is not supposed to be easy
    • It is my responsibility to manage my

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Pain & Stress (Module 4/5)

Lecturers: Jacqui Koep & Dr Gaby Prinsloo

29 & 30 January 2022

Online via Zoom 

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Train Pain is a non-profit organisation that provides innovative pain education for transforming health practice.


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