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Train Pain is a not-for-profit organisation formed to deliver high quality pain education to health care professionals involved in the management of acute and simple chronic pain in normal clinical settings.

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Tame the Beast by Lorimer Moseley

Your Anxiety Toolkit - Newsfeed

Your Anxiety Toolkit aims to provide you with helpful tools to manage anxiety, stress and other emotions that get in the way.
  • Ep. 185: Allow Yourself to Sit Still

    Welcome back to another episode of Your Anxiety Toolkit Podcast.  Today I want to talk to you about a question that recently was asked by one of my awesome Instagram followers.  This person asked me "Kimberley, how do I relax and be self-compassionate when I suddenly find myself with extra time on my hands?" This is such a fantastic question and a really timely one as well.  So today we are going to discuss the skill of sitting still.  Ask yourselves "When was the last time you allowed

  • Ep. 184: What is Panic Disorder? with Joshua Fletcher

    Welcome back to another episode of Your Anxiety Toolkit Podcast.  Today we have on the amazing Joshua Fletcher who some of you may know from Instagram as Anxiety Josh.  Joshua is a psychotherapist in the UK as well as someone with lots of lived experience with anxiety disorders.  He is here today to talk to us specifically about panic attacks and panic disorder.
    Joshua shares his lived experience with panic,


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Pain & Stress: Exploring the Immune System (Module 5)

Presented by: Jacqui Koep & Dr. Gaby Prinsloo

17 & 18 April 2021

Online via Zoom 

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Train Pain is a non-profit organisation that provides innovative pain education for transforming health practice.


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