International Electives

To cater for the diverse interests in the field of pain, there will be a range of accredited courses from which to choose for Module 5. Where possible, international experts in their field are approached for this module. 

International Elective Module:

Train PainNPO welcomes

Prof. Tamar Pincus

from the Royal Holloway University in London



Effective CBT and ACT based psychological interventions

for people in pain




 This course is designed for practitioners who already have some understanding of Psychologically Informed Practice, and who want to 

advance their understanding of the theory, research and practical skills. The course is based on principles of experiential learning, is 

interactive and flexible and follows participants' interests whenever possible.

Course Objectives:

  • To introduce the principles, philosophy and some clinical skills used in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • To introduce Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • To brush up on communication skills by re-visiting basic motivational interviewing techniques
  • To recognise and respond appropriately to different levels of distress, including low mood, and anxiety
  • To understand and have a chance to practice delivery of effective reassurance and validationto patients, even in the context of uncertainty
  • To understand broad behavioural theories, including behaviour change, and use pragmatic problem solving to help patients

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Professor Tamar Pincus holds a PhD in psychology (University College London), as well as Masters degrees in experimental research methods in psychology (UCL), and epidemiology (Cambridge University). 

Her research has included:

  • investigation of attention and recall in pain patients;
  • the psychological predictors for poor outcome in low back pain;
  • the study of clinicians' beliefs and attitudes in low back pain
  • studying the use of technology to deliver rehabilitation
  • delivering effective reassurance to patients in primary care

She also convened the international consensus group to establish what factors and measures should be included in prospective cohorts investigating the transition from early to persistent back pain.

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