Principles of Pain

Module 1 of the
Certificate in Pain Management

24 CPD points + 2 Ethics


This course aims to provide a theoretical framework for health care professionals to use in the management of people with acute and chronic pain. Using a combined didactic and workshop approach, the facilitators will present the evidence that pain is a bio-psychosocial construct.

By the end of this module participants will:

  • Know the multidimensional nature of pain – Epidemiology; Definitions and classification; Conceptual pain models; The nature of pain including the role of context
  • Know the basic science of the physiology underlying acute and chronic pain and how the nervous system can change
  • Know the psychological and social factors which contribute to pain and its potential impact
  • Be familiar with evidence-based tools for the screening and assessment of a person with pain
  • Be able to develop an evidence-based patient-centred rehabilitation plan for a person with pain
  • Be aware of the bioethical principles which are important in the assessment and management of pain

Course Presenters

Romy Parker


Beverley Bolton

BSc; MSc Med