Prescribing for Pain

(Module 4)

16 CPD points

Pre-recorded lectures and 1-day live workshop 


This course aims to provide prescribing health care professionals with the knowledge and skills to use an evidence-informed, mechanism-based approach for the management of people with pain. This course will use a combined didactic and workshop approach. Attendees will be given pre-recorded lectures on pain physiology, mechanism-based clinical reasoning, and the pharmacology of drugs used in pain management. Attendees will then participate in a one-day, online workshop where the facilitators will present cases and engage attendees in clinical reasoning processes for the assessment and management of pain with a focus on multi-modal biopsychosocial pain management.

By the end of this module participants will:

  • Be able to describe the basic physiology of pain and use a mechanism-based clinical reasoning model to identify targets for treatment.
  • Be able to develop a multi-modal pain management plan using analgesics, adjuvants, and non-pharmacological treatments.
  • Understand the background to the opioid epidemic and the consequences of opioid misuse. Be able to identify and manage at risk patients, monitor opioid use, and identify aberrant drug related behaviours. Have an approach for the management of opioid misuse including weaning strategies, opioid substitution therapies, opioid sparing agents, and holistic biopsychosocial management.
  • Have a framework for the approach to managing patients with psychiatric comorbidities.
  • Have reflected on the ethical issues of prescriber burnout in pain management.

Course Presenters

Dr. Kerry-Ann Louw

MBChB, FC Psych, MMed

Prof. Romy Parker

PhD Psychiatry

Roland van Rensburg

MBChB, HIV Dip Man, FC Clin Pharm, MMed (Clin Pharm)