Understanding Pain (Module 1)

*Previously known as "Principles of Pain"

2 Day Course covering concepts and models of pain and disability; ethics of pain management; acute and chronic pain physiology; explaining pain to patients.

CPD: 14 including 2 Ethics


Romy Parker (PhD)

Beverley Bolton (MSc Med Pain Management) 

Course objectives:

This course aims to provide a theoretical framework for health care professionals to use in the management of people with acute and chronic pain. Using a combined didactic and workshop approach, the facilitators will present the evidence that pain is a biopsychosocial construct. By the end of the course participants will:

  • Be able to describe different pain models and their influence on health care delivery
  • Be able to describe the basic physiology of acute pain
  • Be able to describe the basic pathology of chronic pain
  • Be able to describe the psychosocial factors which contribute to pain-related disability
  • Be able to develop a management framework for managing the biopsychosocial variables which contribute to pain and disability
  • Be able to describe pain and chronic pain processes in accessible language
  • Have reflected on the ethical issues of pain and disability and the iatrogenic contributors to pain


Next Event

Medical Communication Skills (Module 2)

Facilitated by: Beverley Bolton & Jacqui Koep

11 & 12 October 2019

George, South Africa

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