Certificate in Pain Management

The Certificate in Pain Management is an educational initiative offered by the Train Pain Academy NPO with the goal of improving the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals managing patients in their clinical practice. Candidates will graduate once they have completed 6 modules in a period of 3 years and passed all the voluntary exams. The modules are 2 day courses offered by experts in their fields.  Modules 1, 2, 3, and 6 are compulsory modules with modules 4 and 5 being electives. The modules are presented around the country and do not have to be completed in strict order, though it is highly recommended that Module 1 “Foundations of Pain” is completed first.

NB: From 2021 it will become compulsory to complete Foundations of Pain (Module 1) first.

Module 1: Foundations of Pain *Previously known as Principles of Pain

Presenters: Beverley Bolton (MSc Med Pain Management) and Romy Parker (PhD)

Content: Concepts and models of pain and disability, ethics of pain management; acute and chronic pain physiology; explaining pain to patients

Module 2: Medical Communication Skills 

Facilitators: Beverley Bolton (MSc Med Pain Management) and Jacqui Koep (MSc Pain)

Content: Medical communication skills necessary to conduct an effective, efficient and supportive patient-centred interview, motivating for change and shared decision making.

Module 3: Pain Interventions for Rehab Professionals

Facilitators:  Jacqui Koep (MSc Pain) and Tory Madden (PhD)

Content: Clinical workshop on evidence-based methods to manage both acute and chronic pain.

Module 3: Pain Interventions for Prescribers 

Facilitators: Romy Parker (PhD), Janieke van Nugteren, MB BCh, FCA (SA) and Kerry-Ann Louw, MB ChB, FCPsych (SA), MMed

Content: Clinical workshop on evidence-based methods to manage both acute and chronic pain

Elective Modules:

To cater for the diverse interests in the field of pain, there will be a range of accredited courses from which to choose. Where possible, international experts in their field are approached to present this module. A total of 2 elective modules need to be completed which form Modules 4 & 5. Physiotherapists  are required to complete the Exercise for Pain Rehab workshop as one of their electives. Other healthcare professionals can choose any two electives from the various courses offered each year.

Exercise for Pain Rehabilitation Workshop

Facilitators:  Jacqui Koep (MSc Pain) and Scott Rickard (MSc Physio), BSc (Med)(Hons) Exercise Science.

Content: In this workshop they investigate the interface between exercise physiology and pain mechanisms.

Group Interventions Workshop 

Facilitators: Romy Parker (PhD) and Melissa Saw (MSc Physio)

Content: This workshop is aimed at providing rehab professionals with the knowledge and skills to be able to design and deliver evidence based Group Interventions for various pain conditions.

Module 6: Translating Knowledge into Practice
This is a supervised interactive online module integrating knowledge gained from all the modules and assisting in the translation of insight and skills into practice. Participants will be asked to submit reflections on a selection of books & video material to develop understanding of the person in pain. Submission of a case series will be required to complete the Certificate in Pain Management.

Next Event

Medical Communication Skills (Module 2)

Facilitated by: Beverley Bolton & Jacqui Koep

11 & 12 October 2019

George, South Africa

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